Home School Agreement

At Queens Park Academy we want your child to succeed at school and enjoy their learning. In order for this to happen, it is important that we all work together and take our responsibilities seriously. This agreement sets out what we expect from one another in this three-way partnership. Queens Park Academy is committed to co-operating with Individuals, families and their children to provide


  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness.
  • Give access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Develop skills that will enable pupils to be successful lifelong learners.
  • Ensure your child achieves their full potential in all aspects of their learning.
  • Provide high quality teaching and extra support where needed.
  • Keep pupils and parents regularly informed as to their progress and set realistic targets for improvement.
  • Provide opportunities to enable parents/carers to support their child’s progress.
  • Treat pupils as individuals and recognise that they have individual needs.


  • Ensure my child attends regularly, on time, properly equipped and wearing correct school uniform.
  • Support school policies; especially the Behaviour Policy.
  • Notify the school on the first day of my child's absence.
  • Inform the school of any circumstances which may affect my child's progress.
  • Attend regular parent consultation events to discuss my child’s academic and social progress.
  • Support my child with their homework and other learning opportunities including listening to my child read aloud regularly.
  • Respect the school travel plan and avoid stopping or parking outside the school gates or in the school car parks.


  • Come to school everyday and on time.
  • Bring all the equipment I need everyday including my PE kit and reading book.
  • Do all my classwork and homework as well as I can.
  • Wear the full school uniform and be tidy in appearance.
  • Be polite, helpful and considerate to everyone in school.
  • Follow Queens Park Academy’s Golden Rules.