Exclusion Arrangements


Exclusions will only be considered in our academy as a last resort. They will be considered where children persistently behave in a violent manner likely to harm other children / staff, or exhibit grossly unacceptable behaviour and deliberately ignore academy rules.
We will always endeavour to use every other avenue, particularly withdrawl of privileges, with daily parental contact in order to address the problem before using a fixed period exclusion.
A fixed period exclusion will usually be for no more than five teaching days.
Limited exclusions, such as the lunchtime period, will be imposed should a child's behaviour prove to be continually inappropriate following attempts to modify this by other methods.
If the child is to be excluded the Headteacher will write to the parents / guardians explaining why the child has been excluded and when he / she can return to school.
Permanent exclusion will only be considered where a child's bad behaviour continues even after a fixed period exclusion and further liaison with parents / guardians has taken place.


Prior to the consideration of exclusion, it is essential that all relevant facts and supporting evidence including statements by witnesses is gathered and dated. It is essential that parents / guardians are made aware of behavioural problems well in advance of any consideration of exclusion.
The Headteacher will write to parents / guardians, the Governors and the Borough to inform them of the decision to exclude and the reason for doing so. It is essential that any child that is excluded be given work to do during that period. All staff will also be kept fully informed of any exclusion.

Decision to exclude

The final decision to exclude a child is entirely that of the Headteacher in charge of the Academy in the Headteacher's absence.
Any senior member of staff responsible for making the decision to exclude must not take the decision lightly and must have due regard to the historical position, evidence and relevant facts.

The Governing Board

The Governing Board will form an Exclusions Committee which has a minimum of three members. The Chair of the Exclusions Committee is currently the Chair of the Governors or a Governor nominated in his / her place. In the event of an exclusion it is essential that the Chair of the Governors or the Governor nominated in his / her place is immediately contacted and informed of the decision. The Headteacher and Assistant Heads may not be members of the Exclusions Committee.
At its first meeting in each academy year the Governing Body should review the work of the Exclusions Committee, its membership and terms of reference.
The Governing Body's Exclusion Committee may meet to consider the Headteacher's decision to exclude, taking account of the wide context of the Academy's policies on behaviour, discipline, exclusions and any parental representations. Any meeting of the Exclusions Committee must be clerked and the minutes sent to all members of the Governing Body.
It may not be necessary for the Exclusions Committee to meet to consider all exclusions, in the case of short fixed period exclusion it may be sufficient to note the Headteacher's actions. It must however, meet to consider all permanent exclusions.
The Governing Body has the power to direct the Headteacher to reinstate a pupil if:

  • The exclusion period exceeds five days
  • Where the exclusion will take the total number of days that a pupil has been excluded to more than five days in total in any one term
  • Where as a result of the exclusion a pupil will not be able to take a public examination e.g. S.A.T.'s.
  • Where parents give notice that they wish to make representations In the case of permanent exclusions, both the Governing Body and / or the Borough has the power to direct the Headteacher to reinstate a pupil.

Information and Consultation

Parents will be kept informed at all stages of the process and it is essential that they are well aware of the potential for exclusion before it is actually implemented.
The Academy, in addition to informing the Chair of the Exclusions Committee of the exclusion, will also inform the authority of all exclusions. Where appropriate, the Academy will consult with outside agencies such as the Educational Psychology Service.
In the event of a meeting of the Exclusion Committee, convened to consider permanent exclusions, a representative from the Borough will be invited to give impartial advice to all parties.
In the letter going home to the parents / guardians informing of a potential exclusion, it will be made clear that if they wish to take the matter further they should write to the Chair of the Academy's Governors. A period of seven teaching days will be allowed for parents to make representations. Meetings of the Exclusions Committee should be held after this time to avoid the necessity of holding two meetings and ensure that parents views are taken into account when decisions are made.


It is essential that clear dated records of all incidents are kept in a file by the Headteacher / senior member of staff and copies of all exclusion correspondence with the date of posting for delivery to parents is also recorded. All external correspondence will be sent by the post office recorded delivery service.
Witnessed statements must be taken as soon as possible after the incidents and signed and dated with the time of writing the statement. Statements should be sought from all witnesses to the incident or incidents which led to the exclusion.
The Exclusions Committee should also keep dated records of its meetings, decisions of actions taken, copies of correspondence with posting or delivery dates.
The Headteacher responsible for deciding upon an exclusion must ensure that they consult the Bedfordshire Borough Council Exclusion of Pupils Procedures and Practice Document - before proceeding. This information may also be found in the Headteacher's office in the "Exclusions of Pupils" file.